Voice Broadcast Solutions provides a suite of services designed to maximize your success. Our customers tell us that people who use our unique system are more successful than their counterparts that do not use our system.

WHY? Our comprehensive system, tailor-made and fine tuned to help maximize your efforts, includes the following: 

...A State of the Art voice broadcasting system with traditional VB for Land Lines & Ringless Voicemail for Cells.

...WE SET UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU - Campaigns, Schedules, Uploading leads - It's all DONE FOR YOU!

...Active Network Marketer Leads that are legal to use with an auto dialer and pre-recorded messages.

...Pre-recorded messages that actually work - You record them, or we can do it for you

Our Auto Dialer (Voice Broadcast System)

*If It's Too Complicated for you, We'll Set It Up For You!*

*Lowest Rates Anywhere, If You Know How To Compare.*

*No Additional Upfront Cost - just pay for minutes.*

*No Additional Monthly Costs - just pay for minutes.*

*Billing in 6 Second Increments - No 30 or 60 seconds minimum per call.*

*Only Charged For Connected Calls - Answered by live person or answering machine, or a delivered RVM.*

*No Additional Charges For Intrastate Calls, Calls to Canada, or for using a Toll Free Number.* 


To learn more about the absolute need for Ringless Voicemail, and how we have integrated it into one platform,

Click Here For Our Webinar.  

Our Active Network Marketer Leads for Auto Dialing (Voice Broadcasting & RVMs)

*Legal To Use With An Auto Dialer - Don't need separate written permission*

*Active In Network Marketing or a Small Business Today - They have business experience!!*

*Super Price - Similar Active Network Marketer Leads cost $2.00 for 1 Lead.*

*Leads are over delivered by 15%.*

*Full Data - Name, Phone, Current MLM, Website where phone was found*

*We upload them to the auto dialer for you!*

Professionally Recorded Messages

You record using the scripts provided by your team, or we can record the

Live Answer, Answering Machine, & RVM messages for you with your name

and your sizzle call number or website, using the same scripts, for just $30.

Click the Play Button to hear samples.

To purchase our incredible voice broadcast system and leads, please  CLICK HERE.


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